maandag 10 april 2017

Performance in Concordia Enschede

By Hans Kuiper

I performed April 8th, 2017, at the "How on earth should this be art?', at Concordia in Enschede and curated by Tinkebell. At the opening Moritz Ebinger, who runs the a radio studio for this project, asked me to play at his Radio Concordia, it was an energetic concert at a nice exhibition, that was opened by my former Rietveld 'mate' Tabo Goudswaard..

Concert @ opening of "how on earth should this be art?" In Concordia, Enschede (NL). Daan Samson en curator Tinkebell op de achtergrond.

The exhibition shows projects that can raise the question in some people's minds: "Is this still art?". Now an exhibition with this theme is not new and asking radio at an exhibition also not. But for the 'general public' (whenever this exists, it's all dependent on your definitions), these questions are still relevant. A chicken hen with three live Barnevelder chickens, dead calf phoeti in glass pots hanging from the ceiling, photo performances by Daan Simons in public space, an uneducated public, not aware of latest developments in contemporary art, might have a tough time processing works like these.

Lately, in The Netherlands, it has even become a political discussion, as new parties enter the parliament, claiming that 'nobody understands art anymore" and "we should go back to the representational paradigm".

At a debate, that I visited some time ago, I discussed with local politicians on 'what is art' and 'Did Marcel Duchamp break the understandability in art?" with his signed 'urinoir'. After that, they claimed, "all changed" and "nobody has a clue on contemporary art anymore".

It is refreshing, to me, to meet politicians who have no connection to contemporary art, professionally spoken, but, of course, still have aesthetic opinions. There is a task for art bloggers, journalists and artists themselves to inform the general public on art and why their projects are art projects. It is, even in The Netherlands with its huge cultural budgets of the past and its worldwide famous financing of contemporary art, necessary to educate youngsters and adults on 'why on earth should this be art?". In that context, there can not be enough exhibitions with this theme.

Some will claim that "art should not explain itself" and visitors or the general public "should do some work and inform themselves", understandable positions in the art domain. The fact though is, that, in a country like The Netherlands, there still is public funding, even if the budgets are much smaller compared to around 2010. My position of the last years has been: "Be independent from state subsidies, as it influences your work, the material that you can use and buy and the potential subversive quality of it".

But, after having worked in Berlin, Lisbon and The Netherlands, I know, being "independent" from state subsidies means that you have or to make money with your art, by selling works, 'residus' of works, or let people pay for your performances etc. or you have to find an income elsewhere. For me, that meant, in Berlin, taking a job, and paying your bills with this. But you lose valuable energy during your working hours, that you can not use anymore for your art projects. Some hours in the night or weekend, or, if you are lucky to have a well paid job, work less days a week, is "all there is" to a life of an independent artist, till the moment comes you make enough money with your own work.

It's not an easy solution and I understand artists better that choose the subsidy option. But it is still not an ignorable question whether you should be letting tax payers pay for is a basic question you need to consider seriously as a contemporary artist, to my opinion...

More info on the exhibition here.

zaterdag 1 april 2017

Arti Club-Inn Springfest 2017 PODCAST

Registratie van de Arti Club-Inn Springfest 2017 in Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam.

Presentatie: Hans Kuiper en Moritz Ebinger.

Gasten onder meer:

Ruben Beentjes, Neoschlager, Joe Kisser, DJ Johnny MacIntosh, 5$ Insanity & Matthew Antler.
Organisatie Matthijs (Arti et Amicitiae).
Duur: circa 2 uur,

Language: Dutch, German, English.
Music: Dutch, German, English.

All rights reserved by the artists.

donderdag 30 maart 2017

Radio Neverno 31/3 LIve at Arti et Amicitiae, Amsterdam

Morgenavond weer Live Radio Neverno, vanaf 21.00 uur, Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, Amsterdam.
Moritz Ebinger & Hans Kuiper ontvangen weer een keur van gasten uit en rond de kunstwereld.
Wees erbij, LIVE, vanaf 21.00 uur.

Tomorrow night again Live Radio Neverno. Be there from 9pm, many guests in and outside art. Be welcome!
More info Soon via

woensdag 8 maart 2017

9 maart 2017: Kunst en Cultuur- Verkiezingsdebat in Arti et Amicitiae

Het bestuur van Arti et Amicitiae nodigt u van harte uit voor het Arti cultuur verkiezingsdebat op 9 maart 2017.

Arti-lid en presentator Marieke van der Werf (oud tweede Kamerlid Cultuur) vraagt kandidaten en/of kamerleden van verschillende politieke partijen wat de Arti-kunstenaars en kunstlievende leden van een toekomstig Cultuurbeleid kunnen verwachten. Politici antwoorden verder op drie stellingen die door experts uit het kunstdomein aan hen worden voorgelegd. Naar aanleiding van het debat dat ontstaat en vragen uit de zaal trekken de experts hun conclusie. Natuurlijk is de bar na afloop open om door te debatteren.
Dagvoorzitter: Marieke van der Werf (oud-kamerlid en woordvoerster cultuur),
en Arti-lid
Mirthe Biemans, PvdA, (Kandidaat Tweede Kamerlid)
Diederik Boomsma CDA, ( gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam)
Marcel van den Heuvel,D66 (gemeenteraadslid Amsterdam)
Jacques Monasch, Nieuwe Wegen, (Kandidaat Tweede Kamerlid)
Nicole Temmink, SP (Kandidaat Tweede Kamerlid SP, bestuurslid SP Amsterdam)
Rune Peitersen (oprichter en bestuurslid van Platform Beeldende Kunsten)
Marianne Versteegh (Kunsten 92)
Dr. Renee Steenbergen (senior fellowship Mecenaat,Universiteit Utrecht)
Hans Kuiper (kunstenaar en bestuurslid Arti et Amicitiae)
Mede-organisator Gonny van Oudenallen, Arti-lid (en oud Tweede Kamerlid)
Wilt u komen?
In verband met het maximaal aantal plaatsen; zit- en staplaatsen in Arti et Amicitiae verzoeken wij u zich aan te melden bij
Aanvang: donderdag 9 maart 2017 om 20.15- uur tot 22.00 uur met kleine pauze,met gelegenheid ervoor en erna met politici en elkaar te spreken.

woensdag 4 januari 2017

zondag 20 november 2016


Interviews met Sebastiaan Schlicher, Diana Blok, performances door 'Hoor 's effe', PJ Roggeband, Klaske Oenema en anderen, door Moritz Ebinger & Hans Kuiper, Radio Neverno tijdens de Museumnacht in Amsterdam.

Techniek: Alexanderos Papamarkou.